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These body scrubs are whipped up into a soft and creamy confection that is the perfect exfoliation treat for your skin. They are packaged in 8oz wide mouth jars.
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An 8 ounce creamy sugar scrub with added shea butter. Scented with black fruits that are balanced with creamy vanilla notes and a hint of ozone and crisp greens. An 8 ounce creamy sugar scrub with added jojoba oil and a light sprinkle of glitter. Smells of vanilla tonka bean, lime citrus, and sugary sweet white floral. An 8 ounce creamy sugar scrub with added dried flowers, mango butter, french green clay,and jojoba spheres. Smells of rainforest fruits, rosewood, tuberose, coconut, clove cedar wood, grasses, jungle leaves, and patchouli essential oil.
This 4 ounce creamy shea oil scrub is absolutely delicious. Light, fluffy, and mildly exfoliating with ground walnuts, ground apricot seeds, cranberry fiber, and rich illite chocolate clay. Smells of freshly shoveled graveyard dirt, espresso, lime essential oils, scotch whiskey, and dark chocolate shavings. This scrub does not contain sugar. Toxic earth...dig with caution...8 ounce scrub with added coffee butter, organic mocha beer, rhassoul clay, and topped with candy bones. Scented with coffee, whiskey, caramel, cake, and lightly of beer. Unique and addicting!