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Laycake-S   7 Layer Cake Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
Laycake-W   7 Layer Cake Coconut Oil Whipped Soap
BlJam-S   Blackberry Jam & Lemon Curd Mango Butter Sugar Scrub
Calypso-S   Calypso Avacado Oil Sugar Scrub
Calypso-W   Calypso Avocado Oil Whipped Soap
CalySandDollar-T   Calypso Sand Dollar Shaped Tart
Calypso-T   Calypso Wax Tart
Chic-S   Chic Summer Mango Butter Sugar Scrub
ChicSummer-T   Chic Summer Wax Tart
Cinderella-C   Cinderella Would Be Jealous Cold Process Soap
CoffeeSprinkles-P   Coffee Sprinkles Coffee Butter Parfait
Gelato-S   Guava Berry Gelato Aloe Butter Sugar Scrub
Gelato-T   Guava Berry Gelato Wax Tart
HalloweenSample-T   Halloween Mystery Sample Bundle
Kraken-S   Kraken Berry Rosehip Seed Oil Sugar Scrub
RoseMilk-C   Lemon Curd & Rose Milk Cold Process Soap
Mermaid-S   Mermaid Tears Jojoba Oil Sugar Scrub
MidSummer-S   Mid-Summer Song Shea Oil Sugar Scrub
melanie-T   Miss Melanie Wax Tart
PearlsSandDollar-T   Pearls of the Ocean Sand Dollar Shaped Tart
PinkSand-S   Pink Sand Rosehip Seed Oil Sugar Scrub
PinkSand-T   Pink Sand Wax Tart
Pkpiecrust-S   Pink Sugar Pie Crust Sugar Scrub
RoseClay-C   Rose Clay & Shea Butter Cold Process Soap
Siren-T   Siren Wax Tart
summerjar-W   Summer in a Jar Mango Butter Whipped Soap
melonmint-T   Summer Melon & Mint Wax Tart
SweetMadi-S   Sweet Madi Shea Oil Sugar Scrub
SweetMadi-W   Sweet Madi Shea Oil Whipped Soap
Madi-T   Sweet Madi Wax Tart
TotheSeaSalt-S   Take me to the Sea Shea Butter Salt Scrub
Venetian-T   Venetian Spa Wax Tart
WidowWalk-T   Widow's Walk Wax Tart

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