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Sunshine-T   100% Sunshine Wax Tart
Impossible-T   6 Impossible Things
Laycake-S   7 Layer Cake Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
7LayerS-T   7 Layer Cake Shaped Tart
Queens-S   A Queen's Decree Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
Decree-W   A Queen's Decree Coconut Oil Whipped Soap
Decree-T   A Queen's Decree Wax Tart
Harlequin-S   About a Harlequin Shea Oil Sugar Scrub
lavenderland-T   Alice in Lavenderland Wax Tart
Bonkers-T   All the Best People are Bonkers Wax Tart
Lost-T   As Lost as Alice Wax Tart
BeeSmitten-T   Bee Smitten Wax Tart
BlJam-S   Blackberry Jam & Lemon Curd Mango Butter Sugar Scrub
BlJam-T   Blackberry Jam and Lemon Curd Wax Tart
Calypso-S   Calypso Avacado Oil Sugar Scrub
Calypso-W   Calypso Avocado Oil Whipped Soap
Calypso-T   Calypso Wax Tart
Caribbean-T   Caribbean Smoothie Wax Tart
Junkie-S   Carnival Junkie Shea Oil Sugar Scrub
CatScrub-S   Caterpillar Mischief Shea Oil Sugar Scrub
Caterpiller-T   Caterpillar Mischief Wax Tart
Caterpillar-W   Caterpillar Mischief Whipped Soap
ChesCat-T   Cheshire Cat Wax Tart
Chic-S   Chic Summer Mango Butter Sugar Scrub
ChicSummer-T   Chic Summer Wax Tart
chocolat-S   Chocolat Foncé Framboise Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub
Chocolat-T   Chocolat Foncé Framboise Wax Tart
Crystal-S   Coconut Crystal Cake Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
Crystal-T   Coconut Crystal Cake Wax Tart
Curious-T   Curiouser and Curiouser Wax Tart
drinkme-T   Drink Me Wax Tart
Dryad-S   Dryad Blossoms Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
Dryad-T   Dryad Blossoms Wax Tart
EatMescrub-S   Eat Me Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub
eatme-T   Eat Me Wax Tart
FaerieCake-S   Faerie Cakes Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
FaerieCakes-W   Faerie Cakes Coconut Oil Whipped Soap
FaerieCakes-T   Faerie Cakes Shaped Tart
FlowerFaerieTears-T   Faerie Tears Shaped Flower Wax Tart
Water-S   Fairy Water Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
Forevermore-T   Forevermore Wax Tart
Grinch-S   Grinch Cake Shea Oil Sugar Scrub
HalloweenSample-T   Halloween Mystery Sample Bundle
7layerJUMBO-T   JUMBO 7 Layer Cake Wax Tart Gift
FaeireJUMBO-T   JUMBO Faerie Cakes Wax Tart Gift
PrincessJUMBO-T   JUMBO Marzipan Princess Cake Wax Tart Gift
Temper-T   Keep your Temper
Lacquered-T   Lacquered Lollipops Wax Tart
Martini-S   Lavender Beach Martini Coconut Oil Salt Scrub 4oz
Martini-T   Lavender Beach Martini Seashell Shaped Tarts
Serenity-T   Lavender Serenity Wax Tart
LAVVAN-S   Lavender Vanilla Custard Aloe Butter Sugar Scrub
LAVVANILLA-W   Lavender Vanilla Custard Aloe Butter Whipped Soap
LVC-T   Lavender Vanilla Custard Wax Tart
LmTea-T   Lemon Tea Party Wax Tart
LimitedBundle-T   Limited Edition Tart Bundle
Looking-T   Looking Glass Wax Tart
MadHat-T   Mad Hatters Tea Party
Flamingo-T   Manage Your Flamingo Wax Tart
Marie-S   Marie Antoinette's Boudoir Shea Butter Sugar Scrub
Poppy-T   Marzipan Poppy Cakes Wax Tart
PrincessCake-T   Marzipan Princess Cake Shaped Tart
IceCream-T   Mermaid on Duty Ice Cream Scoop Shaped Tart
Mermaid-S   Mermaid Tears Jojoba Oil Sugar Scrub
Mermaid-T   Mermaid Tears Wax Tart
Message-T   Message in a Bottle Shaped Wax Tart
MidSummer-S   Mid-Summer Song Shea Oil Sugar Scrub
MidSummer-T   Mid-Summer Song Wax Tart
melanie-T   Miss Melanie Wax Tart
Neroli-T   Neroli Orange Blossom Wax Tart
NOTWHATALOE-S   Nothing Whatever Aloe Butter Sugar Scrub
Painting-T   Painting The Roses Red
Parisianscrub-S   Parisian Strawberry Fields Shea Butter Sugar Scrub
Pearls-S   Pearls of the Ocean Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
PearlsOcean-W   Pearls of the Ocean Coconut Oil Whipped Soap
PearlsSandDollar-T   Pearls of the Ocean Sand Dollar Shaped Tart
PinkSand-S   Pink Sand Rosehip Seed Oil Sugar Scrub
PinkSand-T   Pink Sand Wax Tart
Pkpiecrust-S   Pink Sugar Pie Crust Sugar Scrub
Pkpie-T   Pink Sugar Pie Crust Wax Tart
Pirate-T   Pirate Punch Wax Tart
Pixiedust-T   Pixie Dust Wax Tart
RoseClay-C   Rose Clay & Shea Butter Cold Process Soap
SaltySalt-S   Salty Siren Shea Butter Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Saltysiren-T   Salty Siren Wax Tart
SCANDAL-S   Scandalously Talking Flower Bomb Aloe Butter Sugar Scrub
Scandal-T   Scandalously Talking Flower Bomb Wax Tart
SeaTears-S   Sea of Tears Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
SeaTears-T   Sea of Tears Wax Tart
Seashore-T   Sheashells on the Seashore
Siren-T   Siren Wax Tart
FlowerSootheMe-T   Soothe Me Shaped Flower Wax Tart
SpringFling-S   Spring Fling Coconut Butter Sugar Scrub
nonsense-T   Strawberry Nonsense Wax Tart
sumjar-S   Summer in a Jar Mango Butter Sugar Scrub
summerjar-W   Summer in a Jar Mango Butter Whipped Soap
SummerJar-T   Summer in a Jar Wax Tart
melonmint-T   Summer Melon & Mint Wax Tart
Summercream-S   Summercream Pudding Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
Summercream-T   Summercream Pudding Wax Tart
ToTheSea-T   Take Me to the Sea Wax Tart
Teaparty-T   Tea Party with Alice Shaped Wax Tart
teaalice-S   Tea Party with Alice w/ Soy Butter Specialty Scrub
mangotea-T   Tea w/ Mango & Mint Wax Tart
QueenBunny-T   Tea with the Queen of Hearts Bunny Shaped Wax Tart
Queen-S   Tea with the Queen of Hearts Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
Teaberry-S   Teaberry Bubblegum Jojoba Oil Sugar Scrub
Teaberry-T   Teaberry Bubblegum Wax Tart
MintGarden-T   The Mint Garden Wax Tart
Temptest-W   The Tempest Shea Butter Whipped Soap
Tempest-T   The Tempest Wax Tart
Boardwalk-T   Tropical Boardwalk Sand Dollar Shaped Tart
TropicalFaerie-T   Tropical Faerie Garden Wax Tart
Tcocu-T   Turquoise Loves Coconut
Venetian-T   Venetian Spa Wax Tart
WaterCake-T   Watermelon Strawberry Cake Wax Tart
Dreams-T   When Wonderland Dreams Wax Tart
Whimsy-T   Whimsy Wax Tart
Stole-T   Who Stole the Tarts? Shaped Wax Tart
WidowWalk-T   Widow's Walk Wax Tart

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