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3.5oz Blend of soy, vegetable, and small amount of paraffin wax tarts in clamshells. Choose your scents below. ALL TARTS COME IN CLAMSHELLS UNLESS SPECIFIED.
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Candied Pumpkins Shaped Tart Large Charred Jack-O-Lantern Shaped Tarts Small Colossal Pumpkin Lantern Wax Tart
Cinnamon dusted pumpkin donuts are topped with clouds of fluffy pink marshmallow. One large pumpkin weighing about 4.5 ounces. I photographed this next the the small pumpkins to give an idea of size. This spicy jack-o-lantern has been dropped in a bonfire and charred black. Smokey and mysterious. Set of 2 sparkling pumpkins weighing approximately 1.3 ounces. Chocolate frosted brownies under a layer of vanilla cream pumpkin brulee.
Deadly Gardens Floral Shaped Tart Death Becomes Her Wax Tart Faded Opulence Wax Tart
Tonka bean, sparkling rose and jasmine, with notes of orange citrus and vetivert. You will receive one 1.6-2.0 ounce floral shaped shaped tart. Spun sugar, white vanilla buttercream, pink sugar peppermint cookies, and a sprinkle of rock candy chips. A warm fizzy tart! Clove, ginger, blood orange, and bubbling cola.
Faerie Bonfire Wax Tart Franken Strawberry Wax Tart Monster Candy Clamshell Wax Tart
A complex bonfire scent with notes of leaves, vanilla, sandalwood, and brown sugar. Ripe red strawberries, sweet berry candy, and crunchy fruited cereal. Smells of watermelon candy, sugar dipped orange slices, and kiwi cherry mimosas.
Monster Mash-Up Wax Tart Netherworld Zombie Wax Tart November's Pumpkin Shaped Wax Tart
A top layer of brown sugar pineapple over a bottom layer of grape vanilla sugar. Freshly shoveled graveyard dirt, espresso, lime essential oils, scotch whiskey, and dark chocolate shavings. This listing is for one pumpkin shaped wax tart that weighs approximately 2 oz. Smells of oud Wood and patchouli bark blended with pumpkin, clove, and nutmeg for a unique sweetly spiced pumpkin with woodsy notes.
Phantom Queen Wax Tart Pumpkin Butterscotch Chip Waffles Wax Tart Pumpkin Pie Spice Shaped Tart
Black citrus tea, cinnamon coffee, and a bag full of Halloween candy. Sweet pumpkin waffles swirled with butterscotch chips. A dark and spicy pumpkin blend. Cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and fresh creamed pumpkin. You will receive one approximately 1.2-1.4 ounce pumpkin shaped tart.
Season of the Witch Wax Tart Sugar and Spice Pumpkin Bread Wax Tart Tombstone Dust Wax Tart
Spicy pumpkin, cinnamon apples, ripe berries, and sugar dipped oranges. Caramel sugar sprinkles blended with pumpkin spice and yeasty bread notes. Green apple cinnamon cupcakes, with a marshmallow brown sugar and caramel glaze.
Toxic Earth Shaped Tart Tricky Banana Treats Wax Tart
You will receive one approximately 1.2-1.4 ounce pumpkin shaped tart. Smells of coffee, whiskey, caramel, and cake. A yummy vanilla cupcake with swirls of banana and caramel...kissed with a hint of cinnamon and cream cheese frosting.