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Recent Scent Descriptions

7 Layer Cake - Mounds of sugared frosting, white cake, and a hint of strawberries.
A Snow Globe World- Butter-mint candy canes, salted caramel, brown sugar, and roasted chestnuts.
Alice Dressed in Gold (Same scent as Ophelia in Gold) - Raw honey, jasmine, and lily combines with bergamot, rose, musk and black currant.
Aunt Bethany's Jell-O Mold - Aunt Bethany brought lime Jell-O to the party, but this Jell-O mold is a combination of cranberry, apple, and orange without the cat food on top.
Bah, Humbug – Meager coal from Ebenezer’s fire, frosty snow, pinecones, and sugar dust.
Banana Nonsense - Banana foster cheesecake is blended with fresh baked zucchini bread.
Beach Bum – Sand, sea, and fresh air, combine with hints of jasmine and mandarin.
Belladonna Tincture- A spicy blend of black pepper, patchouli, and vetivert; softened with mellow sandalwood.
Belle Morte- Black fruits are balanced with creamy vanilla notes and a hint of ozone and crisp greens.
Black Magic Laboratory- Orange chiffon, black velvet cake, chocolate shavings, and crème soaked cookie bites.
Blackberry Fudge- Sweet candied blackberries blended with vanilla brown sugar fudge.
Blackberry Jam & Lemon Curd – Tart, ripe blackberry is layered with delicious London lemon curd.
Blueberry Lavender Sugar Cake – A decadent blend of sugared cake, blueberry, and lavender, topped with a cream cheese glaze.
Blueberry Nonsense - Blueberry cupcakes are blended with fresh baked zucchini bread.
Bohemian Rhapsody – Strawberry, lime, orange, and Raspberry. Boo Berry Mansion- Blueberry, Strawberry, and Vanilla with a heaping scoop of sweet sugar blended with iced birthday cake.
Bohemian Solstice - Blue raspberry snow, rich cream cheese bites, all topped with a lavender chamomile glaze.
Boo Berry Mansion- Blueberry, Strawberry, and Vanilla with a heaping scoop of sweet sugar blended with iced birthday cake.
Breaking Violet – Violet leaf, vertivert, and sweet candied vanilla.
Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet - Whipped butter cream is blended with sweet brown sugar and sprinkled with sugared rose petals.
Calypso – Sea salt, vetiver, driftwood, jasmine, and coconut. I can’t stop smelling this scent…very fresh
Candied Acorn & Fig - A rich, nutty patisserie highlighted with sweet fig.
Candied Peppermint Petals - Marshmallow peppermint crystallized over sweet rose petals.
Candy Carousel – The sweet and sugary scents of the midway; with rainbow cotton candy, hints of apples, and cakes.
Candy Corn Labyrinth - Sugared candy corn blended with mandarin, musk, sugar, and a woodsy violet.
Caribbean Smoothie – Vanilla ice cream, fresh pineapple, and shaved coconut.
Carrot Cake – A crazy good moist carrot cake topped with cream cheese icing.
Cemetery Keys- Vanilla tonka bean, lime citrus, and sugary sweet white floral.
Charm & Ruin- Lush vanilla citrus, swirled with a fruity pomegranate base.
Cheshire Cat - Lemon meringue is topped with a vanilla raspberry icing.
Chestnuts and Pinecones - Sweet vanilla, cream cake, holiday spiced chestnuts, and woodsy pine.
Chic Summer - Creamy vanilla is blended with sparkling peaches and strawberries.
Chocolat Foncé Framboise - Dark shaved chocolate topped with a layer of sugar dusted raspberries.
Christmas Thyme – Thyme essential oil adds depth to the wintery scents of bayberry, pine, cinnamon, and apples.
Cinderella Would Be Jealous - Almond cake, marzipan, and vanilla icing.
Circus Cake – Blue raspberry shaved ice, powdered sugar, and a white vanilla velvet cake.
Cleopatra’s Cream Bath - Butter, cream, milk, golden honey, rosewood and a hint of musk.
Clowning Around – Salty and sweet popcorn, 7 layer cake, with blue cotton candy, and toffee dipped apples.
Coconut Crystal Cake– Nutty cake batter topped with shredded coconut.
Colossal Pumpkin Lantern- A split parfait with one side sugar scrub scented with chocolate frosted brownies next to a side of whipped soap scented with vanilla cream pumpkin brulee.
Complicated – Caramel coffee is layered under a blend of coconut, vanilla, chocolate and crushed pretzels.
Cranberry Fig- Tart cranberry is balanced with sweet figs and a touch of citrus. One of my longtime favorite scents!
Cranberry Lane - Ripe Cranberries, soft frozen woods, and a hint of citrus.
Crystalized Spearmint & Peppermint - A layer of sweet peppermint topped with sparkling spearmint.
Cupid – Sweet jasmine and vanilla blend for a milky floral.
Death Becomes Her- Spun Sugar, white vanilla butter cream, pink sugar peppermint cookies, and a sprinkle of rock candy chips.
Deadly Gardens- Tonka bean, sparkling rose & jasmine, with notes of orange citrus, and vetivert.
Drink Me Blue - Blue Hawaiian with a kick of coconut rum cupcakes.
Easter Basket – Fresh orange, cake, and vanilla layered with sugar crystals.
Eat Me Taffy- Pink salt water taffy, sugary hard candy crystals, and ripe red delicious apples.
Elf Morning Blend- A coffee blended by elves! Dark rich coffee beans, candy cane pieces, milk chocolate, fluffy marshmallow, and peppermint bark.
Elf Sweat - A bubbly, magical blend of candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup, with effervescent spicy soda pop bubbles.
EverNight - Lavender and lilac are highlighted with a touch of eucalyptus and blended with soft woods, white musk, and sugary vanilla.
Faded Opulence - A warm fizzy tart! Clove, ginger, blood orange, and bubbling cola.
Faerie Bonfire - A complex bonfire scent with notes of leaves, vanilla, sandalwood, and brown sugar.
Fantasy Punch- Sweet orange cognac and bright lime punch.
Fluffy Winter Pudding-A powdery floral with notes of vanilla pudding and white musk.
Fried Candy Donut – Berry donuts rolled in fluffy pink cotton candy.
Frosted Fruitcake- Fruit, nuts, cake, and a drizzle of cream cheese frosting. A fruit cake you will actually be glad to receive this holiday season!
Frosted Snow Angels- White chocolate dipped caramel pears layered over pink sugar cookies.
Gardenia Coconut Cream- White gardenia, shredded coconut, and creamy vanilla.
Glacier Blue- A refreshing peppermint scent that surprises with menthol, musk, and slight citrus notes.
Glitter Cream Meringue – A glittering blend of rose, jasmine, and ylang ylang swirled with fluffy, sugary meringue.
Green & Sassy - Main notes of lemongrass and citrus blend with hints of sage, vanilla, and musk.
Grinch Cake - Sweet Apples, butter, caramel, cake, vanilla bean, and maple syrup.
Guava Berry Gelato- Guava, raspberry, and strawberry iced up into creamy gelato.
Hades & Persephone- Citrus, cognac, musk, hints of patchouli, and fresh ozone.
Haunted Hayride - Tart granny smith apples, caramel, cinnamon, pumpkin, and hints of hay.
Hoarfrost Tonic - A refreshing scent with lime, cypress, mellow pine, and cool air notes.
Illusions of the Labyrinth – Mandarin, musk, sugar, and a woodsy violet.
Jack’s Apple Frost - Green apples, white vanilla, sugared meringue, and a blast of peppermint.
Just Jasmine Frost- Strong, feminine, heady jasmine with notes of ylang ylang and vanilla.
Keep Your Temper- Fresh lemongrass and lemon curd is topped with a layer of marshmallow.
Knave of Hearts- Fresh Picked Strawberry, 7 Layer Cake, brown sugar crystals, and coconut flakes.
Kraken Berry– Sugared pink berries, vanilla beans, and light notes of citrus and flowers.
Lavender Vanilla Custard- A strong lavender is blended with vanilla bean custard, with hints of marshmallow and caramel.
Lemon Cheesecake– Delicious cheesecake swirled with tart lemon.
Lemon Curd & Rose Milk- Tart lemon curd is layered over fresh cut roses blended with rich milk.
Looking Glass- A fruity floral with cassis, peaches, sugar, and musk.
Love & Madness- A beautiful fruity floral that blends juicy berries and lush white flowers.
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - White tea is layered under cool Moroccan mint in this refreshing tart.
Magic Green Soap - Rainforest fruits, rosewood, tuberose, coconut, clove, cedar wood, grasses, jungle leaves, and patchouli essential oil.
Magician’s Bonfire – Bonfire wisps, lavender, and chamomile sugar crystals.
Marie Antoinette’s Boudoir - Sweet citrus, fresh air, and spring melons are rounded out with lotus blossoms, lily of the valley, and bamboo musk.
Marshmallow Frosted Mango Tangerine – Mango and tangerine are frosted with yummy marshmallow fluff.
Mermaid Tears – A sparkling spa-like scent of essential citrus oils, tropical greens, and salty tears.
Message in a Bottle – Tropical mandarin orange, juicy mango, Tonka beans, vanilla ice cream, and fresh coconut.
Monkey Wrecked – A blast of tropical fruits, banana, sweet vanilla bubblegum, and coconut ice cream.
Monster Mash-Up - A top layer of brown sugar pineapple over a bottom layer of grape vanilla sugar.
Mr. Cratchits’s Cider - Cinnamon apple cider, winter garland, and sweet sugar.
Mrs. Cratchit’s Christmas Pudding - Smells of rich cake, plums, raisins, shredded carrots, brown sugar, and cinnamon with vanilla brandy drizzled over the top.
Mummy Mademoiselle - Candied rose jam, sweet sticky salt water taffy, and creamy white vanilla.
Neroli Orange Blossom - A beautiful true Mediterranean Orange Blossom scent.
Netherworld Zombie- Freshly shoveled graveyard dirt, espresso, lime essential oils, scotch whiskey, and dark chocolate shavings.
Nothing Whatever- Earthy wild mint and ivy is blended with vanilla cream.
Old Fashioned Valentine - A sugary sweet treat with vanilla, marzipan, dark fruits, and spices.
Painting the Roses Red - Butter Cream Frosting and coconut cream pie is layered over raspberries and roses.
Pearls of the Ocean – Pink sugar, suntan lotion, salty ocean, sand, fresh breezes, and mandarin.
Pearls of Winter - Red apples, sweet strawberries, pink cotton candy, and raspberry ice.
Pink Sand – Pink sugar blended with tropical sun tan lotion.
Pirate Punch – Sweet coconut and pineapple blend with tropical floral.
Pistachio Almond Pudding - A Delicious blend of sharp almond, sweet pistachios, and cake.
Plum Ballet - Dark blackberries, sweet vanilla sugar, and sugar plums dancing.
Poisoned Apothecary - Hot mulled apple cider with a woody undertone.
Pomegranate Lime Sweet Tart - Tart lime wedges, piles of sweet sugar, and brilliant pomegranate blend for a super sweet and tangy scent.
Poppet’s Coaster Ride – Strawberry peach jam, tart lemon curd, and raspberry cake bites.
Pumpkin Butterscotch Chip Waffles - Sweet pumpkin waffles swirled with butterscotch chips.
Pumpkin Masquerade - A combination of confections with spiced pumpkin, praline, butter, and cream.
Raspberry Hearts- Strawberry slices, ripe raspberries, and white cake bites.
Raspberry Stockings - A bottom layer of sweet floral vanilla and ripe strawberries, topped with a layer of raspberry vanilla ice-cream.
Ringmaster’s Paramour – Sugar crystals, rock candy, ripe berries, and a hint of effervescent bubbles.
Root Beer Funnel Cake – Strong root beer, vanilla cream powdered sugar, and funnel cake.
Rose Glace – Rose petals, fresh citrus, and touches of strawberry, vanilla, and geranium.
Rosemary Mint - Rosemary essential oils blend with garden grown peppermint and sweet spearmint.
Ruby Chandelier – Sparkling Hibiscus, mandarin tangerine, plumeria, and brown sugar orange blossoms.
Russian Ice Bath - Peppermint, menthol, spearmint, eucalyptus, lemon, and a touch of vanilla.
Salty Siren – The saltiest, lime margarita fit for a siren.
Scandalously Talking Flower Bomb Aloe Butter Sugar Scrub - Soft milky jasmine, ylang ylang, and Clary Sage with added buttermilk.
Sea of Tears - Fresh air, sea salt, ocean mists, and aquatic floral. This is a sweet and beachy floral scent.
Serendipity Cream Pie – Coconut cream pie layered with Serendipity (creamy vanilla with confectioners sugar, sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus and a hint of fresh coconut.)
Sleepy – Pink sugar, peppermint, and vanilla.
Sleigh Bells – Frosty sugar dusted pines layered with orange, peppermint, clove, and hints of apple.
Smitten Blueberry Lavender Mango Butter Parfait – A way to try two different scents in one jar. A split parfait with one side sugar scrub scented with Smitten Diaries, next to a whipped soap scented with Blueberry Lavender Sugar Cake.
Smitten Diaries - Coconut flakes, golden vanilla, and whipped cream is kissed with a garden of white winter flowers.
Spring Fling – Sunny citrus blend with coconut frosted cupcakes.
Starlight Soda Pop – A bubbling citrus-y soda pop with vanilla and light woods.
Strawberry Hearts – Strawberry cotton candy layered under marshmallow and a drizzle of milk chocolate.
Sugar and Spice Pumpkin Bread - Caramel sugar sprinkles blended with pumpkin spice and yeasty bread notes.
Sugared Snow Dust- A decadent blend of cotton candy, caramel taffy, vanilla cream soda, cocoa butter, strawberries, and light notes of citrus and musk.
Summer in a Jar- Amazingly tart and juicy citrus fruits blend with just a touch of green floral. This tart will wake you up and make you think of that perfect summer day.
Summer Melon & Mint - Cut melon, guava, mango, papaya, and strawberries garnished with freshly picked peppermint leaves.
Take Me to the Sea – Lemon, grapefruit, sea salt, and windy sea air blend with beach wood and light
Tea Cake - Black tea, almond-y cake, and vanilla frosting.
The Contortionist – A bottom layer of green tea and ginger crystals, topped with cherry blossom clotted cream.
The Fortune-teller – Cola drenched funnel cake, topped with butterscotch cream soda.
The Illusionist - Neroli orange blossoms, mandarin, red grapefruit, swirled with mango and red berries.
The Sweetest Thing - Delicious and sweet…red berries, cherries, peaches and citrus, and the faintest hint of a walk through a garden.
The Tempest – Strawberry, cherry, orange, vanilla, and a sugary fizz.
Toxic Earth- Coffee, whiskey, caramel, cake, and lightly of beer…sprinkled with candy bones. Unique and addicting!
Tricky Banana Treats - A yummy vanilla cupcake with swirls of banana, caramel, kissed with a hint of cinnamon and cream cheese frosting.
Tunnel of Love - Red velvet raspberry cheesecake with a swirl of rose glace pudding.
Turquoise Loves Coconut – Tart lime, water, and fresh breeze notes blend with tropical coconut.
Vampire Blood - Strawberries, persimmon, raspberry jam, pomegranate, cranberry, fig, and crushed vanilla beans with a sprinkle of brown sugar.
Venetian Spa – Sparkling grapefruit, sweet olives, and fresh watercress.
Vintage Circus - Blue cotton candy layered over crisp candy apples.
Watermelon Strawberry Cake – White cake, strawberry, vanilla, cotton candy, and pink watermelon.
White Rabbits Pocket Watch - Berries, cassis, and night blooming lily.
Wicked Sweet- Salted caramel, hints of spicy chipotle, and sweet candy corn.
Winter Apothecary - Ribbon Candy, spiced tea, a hint of cinnamon, and a flower shop in the snow.
Winter Palace - French lavender, winter berries, vanilla, pomegranate, strawberries, icy peppermint, and hints of tea and pink sugar.
Winter Woodland - Siberian fir, white pine, clove buds, mistletoe berries is blended with subtle citrus, and floral for a strong and complex pine scent.
Wolfsbane Bites- Rich holiday cookies, butter, and Moroccan mint.
Yuletide Trimmings - Apples, peaches, and spices. The perfect yuletide trimmings!
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