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Halloween Sample Bundle Halloween Sample Bundle

Set 1 of the Halloween samples will come with the following scents:
1. Black Magic Laboratory – Orange chiffon, black velvet cake, chocolate shavings, and crème soaked cookie bites.
2. Death Becomes Her – Spun Sugar, white vanilla butter cream, pink sugar peppermint cookies, and a sprinkle of rock candy chips.
3. Hades & Persephone – Citrus, cognac, musk, hints of patchouli, and fresh ozone.
4. Haunted Hayride – Tart granny smith apples, caramel, cinnamon, pumpkin, and hints of hay.
5. Monster Candy – Smells of watermelon candy, sugar dipped orange slices, and kiwi cherry mimosas.
6. Pagan Moon – An apple and pear groove under a blood red strawberry moon, kissed by swirling fall leaves.
7. Poisoned Apothecary – Hot mulled apple cider with a woody undertone.
8. Season of the Witch – Spicy pumpkin, cinnamon apples, ripe berries, and sugar dipped oranges.
9. Tombstone Dust- Green apple cinnamon cupcakes with a marshmallow brown sugar and caramel glaze.
10. White Magic– Shaved cinnamon, orange tea, and hints of spicy patchouli.

: $11.00
Halloween Sample Bundle 2 Halloween Sample Bundle 2

Set 2 of the Halloween samples will come with the following scents:
1. Belladonna Tincture – A spicy blend of black pepper, patchouli, and vetivert; softened with mellow sandalwood.
2. Belle Morte – Black fruits are balanced with creamy vanilla notes and a hint of ozone and crisp greens.
3. Boo Berry Mansion – Blueberry, Strawberry, and Vanilla with a heaping scoop of sweet sugar blended with iced birthday cake.
4. Charm & Ruin– Lush vanilla citrus, swirled with a fruity pomegranate base.
5. Faerie Bonfire – A complex bonfire scent with notes of leaves, vanilla, sandalwood, and brown sugar.
6. Faded Opulence – A warm fizzy tart! Clove, ginger, blood orange, and bubbling cola.
7. Mummy Mademoiselle – Candied rose jam, sweet sticky salt water taffy, and creamy white vanilla.
8. Netherworld Zombie – Freshly shoveled graveyard dirt, espresso, lime essential oils, scotch whiskey, and dark chocolate shavings.
9. Tricky Banana Treats – A yummy vanilla cupcake with swirls of banana, caramel, kissed with a hint of cinnamon and cream cheese frosting.
10. Vampire Blood – Strawberries, persimmon, raspberry jam, pomegranate, cranberry, fig, and crushed vanilla beans with a sprinkle of brown sugar.

: $11.00
Halloween Sample Bundle 3 Halloween Sample Bundle 3

Set 3 of the Halloween samples will come with the following scents:
1. Bubbling Butter Brew- My interpretation of Harry Potter's Butter Beer. Sweet clotted cream, salted caramel, rich butterscotch, and a touch of bubbling cream soda.
2. Darkside – Sandalwood and rosewood blend with tonka bean and dark spices.
3. Deadly Sleeping Draught- French lavender, white tea, and thyme essential oil.
4. Dreamless - A clean citrus with notes of sandalwood, spice, and fresh air.
5. Golden Nights - Rich oak blends with warm amber alcohol notes for a complex whiskey scent.
6. Monster Mash–Up – A top layer of brown sugar pineapple over a bottom layer of grape vanilla sugar.
7. Nevermore - Eucalyptus, red berries, and forest trees.
8. The Spellcaster - Pecan pie, roasted chestnuts, and charred peaches dusted with brown sugar.
9. Toxic Earth – Coffee, whiskey, caramel, cake, and lightly of beer…sprinkled with candy bones. Unique and addicting!
10. Wicked Sweet – Salted caramel, hints of spicy chipotle, and sweet candy corn.

: $11.00
The Pumpkin Sampler The Pumpkin Sampler

A selection of some of our existing pumpkin scents plus a few new ones! See what scents you love before the Halloween collections launch the end of July.

1. Banshee Dreams - Frosted pumpkin cupcakes, rich dark espresso, crystallized coconut shavings, and white vanilla marshmallow.
2. Boozy Vlad - Shaved pumpkin, maple coconut sugar, buttery brown sugar, dark booze soaked nutmeg, and a sprinkle of dried clove buds.
3. Candied Pink Pumpkins - Cinnamon dusted pumpkin donuts are topped with clouds of fluffy pink marshmallow.
4. Charred Jack-o-lantern - This spicy jack-o-lantern has been dropped in a bonfire and charred black. Smokey and mysterious.
5. Pumpkin Butterscotch Chip Waffles - Sweet pumpkin waffles swirled with butterscotch chips.
6. Pumpkin Cupcake Ice Cream - Chunks of pumpkin cupcake are swirled into creamy caramel pumpkin ice cream to make a delicious sweet scent without the spice.
7. Pumpkin Masquerade - A combination of confections with spiced pumpkin, praline, butter, and cream.
8. Pumpkin Pie Spice - A dark and spicy pumpkin blend. Cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and fresh creamed pumpkin.
9. Sugar & Spice Pumpkin Bread - Caramel sugar sprinkles blended with pumpkin spice and yeasty bread notes.
10. White Pumpkin - Creamed eggnog is blended with spiced orange pumpkin juice and sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon.

: $11.00