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3.5oz Blend of soy, vegetable, and small amount of paraffin wax tarts in clamshells. Choose your scents below. ALL TARTS COME IN CLAMSHELLS UNLESS SPECIFIED.
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About a Harlequin Wax Tart Big Top Lemonade Wax Tart Blueberry Lemon Funnel Cake Wax Tart
Strong lavender blends with orange blossoms and light woods. Sugary tart yellow lemonade is layered with bright pink lemonade. Do you prefer yellow or pink lemonade? This is the best of both!
Golden funnel cake is blended with fresh blueberries, tart lemon, and sweet vanilla powdered sugar.
Bohemian Rhapsody Wax Tart Candy Carousel Wax Tart Carnival Junkie Wax Tart
Strawberry, lime, orange, and raspberry. The sweet and sugary scents of the midway; with rainbow cotton candy, hints of apples, and cakes. Blue raspberry snow cone, raspberry lemonade, and strawberry cotton candy.
Circus After Dark Wax Tart Circus Bread Wax Tart Circus Cake Wax Tart
Rich amaratto blends with lime shavings and dark tequila. Yeasty fruitcake blends with fresh strawberry and vanilla. Blue raspberry shaved ice, powdered sugar, and vanilla velvet cake.
Circus of Dreams Wax Tart Clowning Around Wax Tart Dancing Elephants Wax Tart
Hints of popcorn drizzled with caramel and honey blend with bread-y cinnamon twists and vanilla honey fudge. Salty and sweet popcorn, 7 layer cake with blue cotton candy, and toffee dipped apples. Triple layer tart. Blue cotton candy cake pops are topped with raspberry rose sugar glaze.
Fizzing Lavender Soda Wax Tart Fortune's Darling Wax Tart Fried Candy Donut Wax Tart
Effervescent nectar, French lavender petals, and background notes of plum blossom and citrus fruits. A bottom layer of herbal lavender and creamy rose are topped by orange blossom and petitgrain essential oil. Berry donuts rolled in fluffy pink cotton candy.
Life is a Circus Wax Tart Magician's Bonfire Wax Tart Midway Cider Wax Tart
Sugary white birthday cake frosting is layered over blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries.
Bonfire wisps, lavender, and chamomile sugar crystals. Cinnamon and caramel blend with crisp red apples and notes of fried funnel cake.
Nights at the Circus Candy Apple Shaped Wax Tart Nights at the Circus Wax Tart Poppet's Coaster Ride Wax Tart
This listing is for one candy apple shaped wax tart that weighs approximately 1.8 oz. Smells of crisp red apples, cinnamon bark, creamy vanilla, and honey caramel. Smells of crisp red apples, cinnamon bark, creamy vanilla, and honey caramel. Strawberry peach jam, tart lemon curd, and raspberry cake bites.
Ringmaster's Paramour Root Beer Funnel Cake Wax Tart Starlight Soda Pop Wax Tart
Sugar crystals, rock candy, ripe berries, and a hint of effervescent bubbles. Strong root beer, vanilla cream powdered sugar, and funnel cake. A bubbling citrus-y soda pop with vanilla and light woods.
The Cloud Maze Wax Tart The Contortionist Wax Tart The Fortune-Teller Wax Tart
Candied marshmallow clouds and lavender cotton candy blend into sweet dreamy lullabies. A bottom layer of green tea and ginger sugar crystals, topped with cherry blossom clotted cream. Cola drenched funnel cake, topped with butterscotch cream soda.
The Illusionist Wax Tart The Muse Wax Tart Tunnel of Love Wax Tart
Neroli orange blossoms, mandarin, red grapefruit, swirled with mango and red berries. Fresh squeezed pineapple juice, passion fruit, lemon peel, and light bubbling vodka notes. Red velvet raspberry cheesecake with a swirl of rose glace pudding.
Twisted Strawberry Orange Wax Tart Victorian Carousel Wax Tart Victorian Midway Shaped Tart
Fluffy orange marshmallow twists with vanilla strawberry sorbet.
A bottom layer of blue raspberry velvet cake and a top layer of blackberry candy. Spiced apple funnel cake, pumpkin frosting, and cinnamon brown sugar. 1.5- 2.0 ounce cake shaped tart.
Vintage Circus Candy Apple Shaped Wax Tart Vintage Circus Wax Tart
This listing is for one candy apple shaped wax tart that weighs approximately 1.8 oz. Smells of crisp candy apples dipped in blue cotton candy. Blue cotton candy is layered over crisp candy apples.