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3.5oz Blend of soy, vegetable, and small amount of paraffin wax tarts in clamshells. Choose your scents below. ALL TARTS COME IN CLAMSHELLS UNLESS SPECIFIED.
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*JUMBO* Lime Flamingo Punch Wax Tart *JUMBO* Pink Sand Wax Tart *JUMBO* Watermelon Cake Bites Wax Tart
10+ ounce jumbo clamshell tart. Smells of Kafir lime, pink grapefruit, raspberry punch, and strawberry sorbet. 10+ ounce jumbo clamshell tart. Pink sugar blended with tropical sun tan lotion.

10+ ounce jumbo clamshell tart. Smells of sweet summer watermelon blends with hints strawberry, vanilla cupcake, and sugared frosting.
*JUMBO* Watermelon Lemonade Sorbet Wax Tart Beach Bum Wax Tart Beachside Juice Bar Wax Tart
10+ once jumbo clamshell tart. Smells of ripe frozen watermelon lemonade blended with frosted candied sugar. Sand, sea, and fresh air, combine with hints of jasmine and mandarin. Shell decorations will vary slightly as each tart is unique.
Pineapple, coconut, and mango blends with tangerine juice, and background notes of violet and rose.
Bright Berry Whip Wax Tart Bubblegum Dreams Wax Tart Caribbean Smoothie Wax Tart
Smells of sweet strawberry jam, sandalwood, creamy vanilla, and hints of musk.
Sweet confectioners’ sugar blended with gooey bubblegum. Vanilla ice cream, fresh pineapple, and shaved coconut.
Chic Summer Wax Tart Coffee Sprinkles Wax Tart Concerto Bouquet Wax Tart
Creamy vanilla is blended with sparkling peaches and strawberries.
Rich dark espresso, cinnamon rolls, and caramel butterscotch chips. Rose petal jelly blends with almond milk, sea salt, candied lavender, and white summer flowers.
Flight of Fancy Wax Tart Garden Gnome Shaped Tart Honeyed Toffee Wax Tart
Wild passionfruit blends with fluffy blue cotton candy and hints of apples. Yuzu blends with fresh cut grass, pink grapefruit, and petitgrain essential oil. Weighs approximately 1.6 ounces.
Delicious baked blend of honey and soft toffee. Inspired by Honey I Washed the Kids by LUSH.
Lime Flamingo Punch Wax Tart Matcha Berry Pound Cake Wax Tart Message in a Bottle Wax Tart
Smells of Kafir lime, pink grapefruit, raspberry punch, and strawberry sorbet.
Green matcha blends with sweet berries and hints of pound cake.
Tropical mandarin orange, juicy mango, tonka beans, vanilla ice cream, and fresh coconut.
Mid-Summer Daydream Wax Tart Monkey Wrecked Wax Tart Orange Lemonade Slushie Wax Tart
Mixed berry cotton candy, vanilla bean marshmallow, and bursts of tart citrus.
A blast of tropical fruits, banana, sweet vanilla bubblegum, and coconut ice cream.
Fresh squeezed orange juice blends with lemon ice and candied sugar.
Pink Sand Wax Tart Salted Peppermint Wax Tart Salted Rose Wax Tart
Pink sugar blended with tropical sun tan lotion.
Crystallized sea salt blends with cool, sweet peppermint. Sugary rose jam is blended with salty tears and sprinkled with pink Himalayan sea salt.
Saltwater Wax Tart Sidewalk Chalk Wax Tart Sleepy Wax Tart
Refresh with this super clean lime citrus and sea salt blend. Blue raspberry blends with watermelon lemonade and elderberry sorbet.
Pink sugar, peppermint, and vanilla.
Strawberry Champagne Cocktail Shaped Wax Tarts Sugared Jasmine Flower Shaped  Wax Tart Summer Sheets Wax Tart
This listing is for two strawberry shaped wax tarts that weigh approximately 2.5 oz. Smells of the sweetest sun ripened strawberries, bubbling champagne, and hints of mandarin. This listing is for one flower shaped wax tarts that weigh approximately 1.4 ounces. Beautiful white jasmine blends with candy floss, vanilla pods, and hints of apples. Cotton blossoms blend with tangy lemon, sweet violet, pink jasmine, and fresh sunny air.