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3.5oz Blend of soy, vegetable, and small amount of paraffin wax tarts in clamshells. Choose your scents below. ALL TARTS COME IN CLAMSHELLS UNLESS SPECIFIED.
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Blackberry Fudge Wax Tart Carrot Cake Shaped Wax Tart Carrot Cake Wax Tart
Sweet candied blackberries blended with vanilla brown sugar fudge. Moist carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. My very favorite carrot cake scent.You will receive one cake shaped tart that weighs approximately 2.0 oz. Moist carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. My very favorite carrot cake scent.
Coconut Blossom Wax Tart Easter Basket Wax Tart Gardenia Coconut Cream Wax Tart
Coconut water, pink sugar, black currants, and beach flowers. Fresh orange, cake, and vanilla layered with sugar crystals. White gardenia, shredded coconut, and creamy vanilla.
Jell-O Fluff Cake Wax Tart JUMBO Country Berry Hotcakes Wax Tart JUMBO Faerie Cakes Wax Tart Gift
Mango and nectarine, blend with orange, peach, and candied vanilla. 10+ ounce jumbo clamshell tart. Smells of fluffy hotcakes topped with mixed berries. Comes with a gift card and a glittering ribbon.
10+ ounce jumbo clamshell tart wrapped with jeweled ribbon and a mini gift card. A beautiful ready to give gift. Smells of black currant, berries, and bright pink quava cakes are drizzled with golden rum caramel icing. Decadent.
Pink Sugar & Salt Wax Tart Serendipity Cream Pie Wax Pie Water Mint Wax Tart
The classic scent of pink sugar blends with cotton candy and himalayan sea salt. Coconut cream pie layered with Serendipity (creamy vanilla with confectioners' sugar, sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus, and a hint of fresh coconut).
Fresh air and water notes blend with crème de menthe, green peppermint, and light notes of vanilla and vodka. Perfectly refreshing.